This is a blog dedicated to my friend Will “Lucky Bear” Townsend who I lost on Dec. 13. 2011.

I met Will Townsend on St. Patrick’s Day 2011, wearing green Good Luck Bear outfit homemade by Will. From his 1st introduction he became “Lucky Bear” and I knew immediately that we’d be fast friends. We spent the whole day carousing in Hermosa Beach and as predicted by the end of St. Patty’s we were friends. Over the too short 9 months that I knew Lucky Bear, I only saw him again a handful of times , once at a beer festival and again at The Renaissance Fair. However, we stayed in touch and chatted often via Facebook, g-chat, and text. Many of our conversations revolved around making plans to do all kinds of fun things, however we never seemed to be able to get our schedules in accordance with our plans.

Despite the short time I knew Lucky Bear he was someone I treasured and had thought would become one of my closest friends, if only our schedules synced up. However I now have lost that opportunity, and feel cheated like all of his friends and family. He was an amazingly fun and joyful person and I feel like I never got the time to do all the things I wanted to do with him.

I attended his funeral December 21 of this year, where his siblings gave heartfelt eulogies about how much fun and unique Will was. His sister Meg ended her eulogy with an entreaty to us to live our lives as Will would have; by going on spontaneous adventures, playing practical jokes, saying inappropriate things, and above all having fun and bringing laughter. This is my attempt to do just that, to do something Will would do or enjoy every day for 2012 in an effort to make up for all the things we never got to do together. Most of my posts will be a picture of “Lucky Bear” with a short description of what he is doing and why that picture/moment is dedicated to him.

This is Lucky Bear, 03/17/11, St Patrick's Day in Hermosa Beach


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